Thank you for your interest in conducting an event within your district.  To better serve your need, please take a few moments to fill in the following form. 

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If neither the Contact nor the Second Contact is the District/Building Technology Director, please fill in the following...
Technology Director:

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*Number of Participants:    For participant limits, please review our training options from our Services Page at
*Subjects/Type/ Grade Levels of Participants:

*Is Lunch Provided? 
Lunch should be provided to establish a working-lunch environment for the event.

If a your event integrates SMART Technologies...
        How many SMART BoardTM Interactive Whiteboards are available? 
            Please remember that your Teacher to Board Ratio must be 3 to 1 or lower. 

        Explain the set-up of the Training Room and Break-Out Sessions Rooms:
        How are they located in relationship to each other?

        Will a computer lab be available for potential afternoon training?
        If yes, how is the computer lap in relationship to the training area?


Any questions for me?  Or any additional information regarding your event.