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Course Requirements & Policies


Mr. Gensburg’s

Alliance City High School Mathematics

Algebra I

Algebra I C&D

Integrated Mathematics

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 330-829-2245

E-Mail: gensburg@acs.sparcc.org


Teacher:  Mr. Gensburg    Alliance High School Mathematics


Course Requirements and Policies    

Algebra I Semester 1, Algebra I-A, Algebra I-C, and Integrated Mathematics



bullet1-3 ring binder with pockets (at least 1.5 inches thick) containing the following…
bulletLoose-leaf paper.
bulletTwo tab divider to separate Class Notes from Homework from Graded Material.
bullet No Spiral Notebooks accepted !!!
bulletCome prepared each day with the following…
bulletMath Binder.
bulletMath Text Book.
bulletPencil (Absolutely No Pens – Anything done in pen will not be given any credit).
bulletCalculator.  It is encouraged to have your own calculator for home use, however a calculator will be issued in class for each student.  These Calculators will be numbered and Assigned to each student.  Each Student is responsible for his/her Calculator.  If a student’s calculator’s is missing, he/she will be fined the priced of the Calculator.  Personal calculators must have sine, cosine, and tangent features.  This year Alliance High School will offer to every student the chance to purchase their own personal OGT Calculator.  The Price is $8.00 (Checks Only)  Please make checks payable to Alliance High School.  Any student believing he or she will be moving into high level mathematics calculators should think about investing in a “TI-83” or “TI-83 Plus Calculator”, however no student is required to have one.


Good attendance is expected from every student.  Attendance for any math class is considered mandatory.  Concepts can be difficult as it is, but can be even more difficult and frustrating for a student with poor attendance.  Being on time is included in this topic.  Due to the new school grade book and attendance taking, every student must be in the classroom and in your seat before the tardy bell rings.  Any student crossing the door plane while the bell rings will be counted as tardy and should report to the office for a pass into the classroom. 

If the student knows ahead of time that they will be absent or that they will miss a part of a day, (ex. doctor’s appt., field trip) THEY MUST GET THEIR WORK AHEAD OF TIME FOR THAT DAY.  If a student is absent the day before a test, they will still be required to take the test on the scheduled day since no “new material” is covered the day before a test.

Also, all class notes, homework assignments, and answers will be posted at the following web address: Student Information                                   


            You are encouraged to visit this site daily to be informed of anything and everything done in class. 


Grading Policy

Grades for each grading period will be based upon how well you learn the material and how well you exhibit what you’ve learned.  Grades will be determined using tests, quizzes, assignments, notebook, and homework.  Many grades are issued on attempts, or a certain amount of points are given for attempting each problem.  Therefore every assignment and problem should be attempted to maximize every student’s grade. 



Being organized in mathematics is half the battle.  Therefore you will be required to keep a Math Notebook.  This will be made of a three-ring binder and loose leaf paper and will be only written in pencil.  There will be three sections to this book.  The first section will be for you Class Notes, the second for your Homework, and the third will be for your Graded Material.  You are required to have each day’s notes in your notebook, plus any other papers I may give you throughout the year.  Each day of notes will be place at the top of a new sheet of paper, or at the top of the back side of the last written page.  If you are absent from class then you are still responsible for getting the class notes into your notebook.  Do not ask me what the class did the day you are absent unless you have done the following steps.  First go to the internet and retrieve the notes from the website: Student Information

The notes must be rewritten in your own hand-writing to count as credit.  Printed notes will not count as credit for your notebook grade.  If you do not have internet access at home you may always access the website at school or a Library.  If you still cannot access the internet you should ask a friend from the class what the notes and assignment were on the day you missed.  After you have tried those venues then you should come to me for a print out of the notes. 


bulletEach day of notes is viewed as acceptable or unacceptable.
bulletNotes viewed unacceptable if…
bulletNot Present or Out-of-Order.
bulletNot complete for the day.
bulletDone in Pen
bulletPrinted (not in your own hand writing).


At the end of the nine weeks will be a notebook check.  This check will be graded and count towards 10-15% of the total points for the nine weeks.  Each student will be given a list of all the days and topics that I will be checking for in the notebooks.  You will be given approximately one week to collect the notebook and have it in order ready to be graded.  The following will be used to determine your Notebook grade:

                        0  Unacceptable HW’s ----- 100% of possible HW (Homework) score
                        1  Unacceptable HW’s ----- 84% of possible HW score
                        2  Unacceptable HW’s ----- 72% of possible HW score
                        3  Unacceptable HW’s ----- 64% of possible HW score
                        4  Unacceptable HW’s ----- 0% of possible HW score



Mathematics is best learned by doing.  Therefore, it is very important that all homework assignments are honestly attempted each night.  My work is called: Opportunities-To-Learn (O.T.L.).  O.T.L. is to be started in Class and what ever is not finished is to be finished at home.  You will be given as much time as possible in class to get started on these assignments. You are expected to use this time wisely!!!     

bulletHomework scores will be approximately 10-15% of the total points for the 9 weeks.
bulletHomework will be checked everyday! 
bulletWhen homework is checked, it is viewed as either Acceptable or Unacceptable. 
bulletHomework viewed as unacceptable if…
bulletEvery problem is not honestly attempted.
bulletAll work is not shown for each problem.
bulletHaving Answers Only.
bulletYou do not have it with you (in your locker, car, at home, etc…)
bulletIt is done in Pen.

At the end of the nine weeks, I will choose a day from each week’s viewed homework that will count towards the class homework grade.  I will not pick a day where the most students have unacceptable homework.  The following will be used to determine your homework grade:                

                        0  Unacceptable HW’s ----- 100% of possible HW score
                        1  Unacceptable HW’s ----- 84% of possible HW score
                        2  Unacceptable HW’s ----- 72% of possible HW score
                        3  Unacceptable HW’s ----- 64% of possible HW score
                        4  Unacceptable HW’s ----- 0% of possible HW score




             All text books must be covered by September 3, 2004.  Any damage received to the book while in the possession of the student will result in a school fine.  This fine will be determined by the teacher. 


Grading Scale

The following scale will be used to determine letter grades on individual tests, quizzes, assignments and for all grading periods.  Plusses and minuses will be given at the discretion of the teacher.
                                 Above 100%                      A+
                                 93-100%                            A
                                 84-92.9999999%              B
                                 72-83.9999999%              C
                                 64-71.9999999%              D
                                 Under 64%                         F


Year-End Grades / Semester-End Grades / Mastery Tests: 

Year-end grades and Semester Grades will be determined as specified by the Alliance City School District.  Alliance High School Mathematics Department has adopted a mastery concept for its Algebra classes.  This means that material must be “mastered” (understood) before a student may move on.  At the end of the semester every student will be given a Mastery Test.  In many cases there will be 3 or more opportunities of this Mastery Test.  In order for a student to move into the next semester of classes, they must pass the course and the must pass the mastery test.  Failing either of these will result in the student repeating the semester’s material.


Make-up Work 

Upon returning from an absence it is the student’s responsibility to check the internet or board for any homework that was missed and have it completed by the next day.  All work must be made up unless otherwise specified by the teacher.   You are also responsible for scheduling a time to make up any quiz or test that were missed due to your absence.  You may do this during a study-hall, during lunch, or before or after school.



Every student is encouraged and expected to come for help and ask questions when a concept or a specific problem is not understood.  The teacher will be available every day after school for at least 1/2 hour to offer help and to answer any questions.  Wednesday mornings will be set aside to assess any student needing help in class or for the Proficiency Test.  This time will be from 7:20am to 7:50am.


Note to parents: 

If at any time you wish to contact me please call the school at 330-829-2245 or

E-mail me at:   gensburg@acs.sparcc.org


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